Start of a Day

By Upper Elementary

I wake up
All my dreams are gone, but my thoughts surround me
The start
See the Sun rising over the mountain
As the Sun rises we sing for the Sun is order. We welcome the Sun.
The Sun rises Mmmmmm Sun rises Mmmmm…
Sun goes up Moon goes down, round and round.
Watching the sunrise fade into blue sky
Hear the birds singing a song to the morning
Listen to radio
Watch fish
Stay in bed until it’s time to eat. Stay face down in bed.
Read books until I put on my pajamas.
Play with brother.
My ritual is to try to get the socks away from my dog because he try to eat them.
Apple blossoms
Feel the mist on my face as I go outside
Bound along after my dog in the morning dew.
Dance with leaves.

The students wrote this together inspired by the book The Way to Start a Day by Byrd Baylor.
We start our day with this poem.