School Happenings

SRM is heading to the Montessori Model UN!

Montessori Model United Nations flyer
  • STEM Camp Activities

First SRM summer STEM school session was a big hit!

The students learned about simple machines and the engineering science behind bridge design. The students used their new information and completed challenges throughout the week with the help of alumni Lootah Hall, Bodhi Jennings and Gwen Lux. Students worked together collaboratively designing innovative ways to complete their tasks.

SRM Alumni Scholarship

Eden Springer, Six Rivers Montessori’s first 6th Year graduate (2015), will be graduating from Northcoast Preparatory Academy on Saturday, May 28, 2021.

Eden has received the first Six Rivers Montessori Alumni Scholarship for Academic Excellence and Commitment to Community and the Natural World. She will attend HSU this Fall.

Congratulations to Eden and her family!

Eden graduating

Track Team

This spring, eleven Six Rivers Montessori Students participated in Track. The students practiced 50M, 100M, 400M, and 800M, as well as baseball throw and long jump every Monday and Wednesday after school throughout the month of May.

Eight of the students participated in the Humboldt Redwoods Running Association for Youth (HRRAY) K-4th Grade Track Meet at the College of the Redwoods on May 25th. It was a great success! All the students felt good being able to participate.

Track Team
SRM students picking up trash

Earth Day

This week the Upper El celebrated Earth week. We started Monday with a presentation on the weight of our trash, learning the 4Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot.

Tuesday we took a virtual trip to a landfill and Recology, seeing where the trash goes. Did you know that the landfill our trash is taken to is 202 miles away in Oregon? Every day 14 trucks take 23 tons each of trash there. 

The Upper El and Lower El picked up trash in our community together for Earth Day Thursday. Thank you Tia for helping us!

Steelhead Eggs!

Six Rivers Montessori Elementary is once again participating in the “Steelhead in the Classroom” program. The eggs arrived February 12th. When will they hatch? The students are making predictions based on the date the eggs were fertilized and the temperature they are kept. The class predicted February 19th. Will their predictions be correct?

Steelhead eggs

SRM Outside Science Fair

Not even a pandemic could stop the science fair this year! Students presented eight projects at our safe, socially distanced outdoor event.

National Soup Month

During the pandemic, food security has been an issue for families in Humboldt County. To help fight food insecurity and in honor of National Soup Month, Six Rivers Montessori School conducted a canned soup drive. The SRM community donated 250 cans to Food For People toward our sustainable development goal 2 Zero Hunger, part of the service work at our school.

6th Annual Upper Elementary Birdathon Success!

Six Rivers Montessori Upper Elementary held its 6th annual Upper Elementary BIRDATHON on Thursday, May 7th, 2020. This year was a little different as we are all in “Shelter in Place,” but ornithologist parent John Hunter led the group with a Zoom introduction in the morning and was available by Facetime to help students identify birds at home.

Over the course of the day students recorded 94 species! Click here for the full list. 

Food For People Letter Carrier Food Drive

Saturday, May 11th was the Food For People Letter Carrier Food Drive. Students, parents and teachers volunteered to help pack up the goods. The students loved getting to go into a mail truck and helping to empty the trucks. This food drive helps provide Food for People almost half the food they give out during the year. Thank you Six River Montessori volunteers for a giving back to the community.

Food for People volunteers

5th Annual Bird-a-thon!

The Upper Elementary 5th Annual Birdathon was a great success, with 75 species of birds sited. A big thank you to our lead parent John Hunter for guiding the students, as well as the parent drivers Mica Welch, Bernie Sanchez, and Cheri Sanville. Also thanks to Julie for continuing the tradition of studying local birds with the students over the last few months. It was incredible to see their skills in action. Andrea was also there with her son Leo, along with two alumni, Tabitha Born and Lila Rose, with their mothers and an exchange student from Malaysia.

Montessori Model United Nations

Welcome back to the students who represented our school at MMUN in New York! Many thanks to Michele, Mica, and Denise, who put in an incredible effort to make this happen, as well as to the many others who made large contributions to support our trip to MMUN this year. Thank you for your assistance in sustaining this incredible program at our school!

Garlic making

Getting Ready for Montessori Model UN

Chelsea and Kim worked with Upper El students to make gorgeous garlic braids with materials from our garden. The students are excited about selling these later as part of an MMUN fundraiser the be held during dismissals early next week.

Garlic braids

Barn Dance Fun

Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the lively music, joyful dancing, and delicious baked goods at this year’s Barn Dance. The Fundraising Committee worked really hard to make the event a success and about $1,000 was made for the school. If you see Sunny, Alicia, Natalia, Amy, Elizabeth or anyone else on our Committee, please be sure to give them a big thank you!

Barn Dance
Food For People

Food For People Volunteering

A big thank you to everyone who came out last Saturday to help out at Food For People! We packed SIX pallets of food that will be distributed to needy members of our community over the next year. What an awesome way to show up in our community and represent our school.

'Tis the Season

The Upper El (and a couple of siblings!) got to carol in front of Plaza on Friday night. Thanks so much to our music teacher, Teresa, for organizing this sweet event as well as all our parent volunteers who baked, sold coffee, and poured wine inside of Plaza for Arts Arcata!

Cross Country

The Cross Country season wrapped up this week.

We had several students compete this year including Emma, Bella, Ben, Lootah, and Olive, who placed 2nd in the county for 1st grade girls at the Championships! Thanks to all the students who came out to run in these super fun school events. The track season will start at the end of March.

Wolf Creek Science Camp

Wolf Creek Camp
Wolf Creek Camp
Wolf Creek Camp
Giant beets!

Garden Bounty

Our school garden is not only beautiful right now, but it’s also overflowing with nutritious food. This week the Upper El made salad and juice (which included these giant beets!), while the Lower El made salad and pizza. After sowing the seeds in the spring the students have the opportunity to practice food preparation, not to mention the satisfaction and joy of harvesting their own food.

Building Community

Many thanks to Teresa, our generous landlord and music teacher,  for the inviting new bench to accompany our Little Free Library.

Library Bench
SRM Garden

What are you bringing?

The Montessori Method is founded on the notion that children exercising free will within a developmentally appropriate, prepared environment will actualize their own unique human potential. Over the summer Michele and Bridget have been busy preparing the classroom environments for this great work, but the last and most important components cannot be bought or sold….

On the first day of school the sidewalks approaching the front door of Six Rivers Montessori will be inscribed with the values that make our school great. Respect. Hope. Kindness. Discipline. Imagination. Cooperation. Joy. Each and every one of us, parents, students, teachers, and Board members, are tasked with building the culture of our school by what we bring through the front door. Together we are creating a school culture of tremendous possibility and potential.


SRM Competes in First Track Meet

We had four students compete in the K-4 county track meet at HSU on Tuesday. Students ran in the 50 and 100 meters races, and tried the long jump and baseball throw. (The baseball throw replaces the javelin for this age group… less pointy.) They were all smiles and showed great sportsmanship throughout the two hour event even though they were soaked from the heavy mist by the end.

Long Jump
Pi Day

Pi Day!

Pi Day is a celebration of mathematics (it’s not just about eating pie!). The Pi Day website gives us this definition:

“Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) around the world. Pi (Greek letter “π”) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159.

Pi has been calculated to over one trillion digits beyond its decimal point. As an irrational and transcendental number, it will continue infinitely without repetition or pattern. While only a handful of digits are needed for typical calculations, Pi’s infinite nature makes it a fun challenge to memorize, and to computationally calculate more and more digits.”

Of course, when you get to eat the pie after you’ve calculated pi, it makes it even more fun!

Ocean Day… Fun and a Great Cause

This week our third-sixth years participated in Ocean Day. They spent the morning pulling invasive beach grass and picking up garbage at the Mike Thompson Wildlife Area on the South Spit. Then they sat for the super cool aerial design above. Our students are in the crab’s top right leg, just below the big claw… in case you want to try to find them.

Ocean Day

Nondiscrimination Policy

Six Rivers Montessori does not exclude or otherwise discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin (ancestry), religion (creed), age, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, military status, disability, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state, or local laws in admission to, participation in, or receipt of the services and benefits under any of its programs and activities, whether carried out by Six Rivers Montessori directly or through a contractor or any other entity with which Six Rivers Montessori arranges to carry out its programs and activities.

This statement is in accordance with the provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, and Regulations of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued pursuant to these statutes at Title 45 Code of Federal Regulations Parts 80, 84, and 91.