Newsletter 8/14/14

The SRM Staff

Had their first workday this week.

SRM Staff Photo

Debora, Alicia, Michele, and Bridget (left to right) all came together this week to plan for this year and for future years and we are feeling energized and excited for this school year.

Bridget and Michele just returned from observing at a Montessori Charter School in Petaluma. It was a valuable experience and they returned with some interesting ideas and also a great appreciation for the beauty and strength of our program.

Work on the site continues this week and will carry into next week. This is going a bit past the originally scheduled date, but Pacific Builders has been so awesome and it will certainly be worth the wait!

Updates from the Community Events Committee

1) The Welcome Potluck has had to be postponed until the beginning of September due to some complications with the location. There will be a date and location update in next week’s newsletter. I will repost the food categories with grade levels next week as well.

2) First Day of School Morning Tea
The Community Events Committee will be hosting a Welcome Tea during morning drop off on the first day of school. All parents are invited to join us in the garden to meet new families, catch up on summer happenings, and just enjoy a cup of tea and a treat to ease the pang of the end of summer and celebrate the start of a wonderful new year of learning for our children.