Newsletter 2/6/14

Dear Six Rivers Montessori Families,

Water. We can’t live without it. For the past two weeks Six Rivers Montessori students turned their attention to our most precious natural resource. Both Upper and Lower elementary students have visited the Arcata Marsh and Lower elementary students visited the pump stations on the Mad River and the historic Jolly Giant reservoir. In so doing we have gained a deeper understanding of our municipal water sources (both past and present) and water/sewage treatment. We focused on the most important goal of ensuring that the water we bring into our homes is clean and the water going back out into the environment is clean too.

We have also touched on the subject of the drought and water conservation. The drought became quite visible to those of us visiting the pump station, craning our necks to look up at the 1964 high water mark on the pump while we stood in a dry gravel bed normally many feet high with rushing water this time of year.

The kids know that our governor has called on each of us to reduce our water usage by 20%. We encourage all of our families to do what they can to conserve. Besides, drought or no drought, conservation habits should always be part of our work to care for one another and our planet. Talk to your kids about it!


Six Rivers Montessori will be adding new members to the Board of Directors this year. We would like to maintain the size of the Board to 8 members. The term begins in August of 2014 and we hope to find parents or friends from our community who are willing to serve for 2-3 years. Members attend monthly meetings and contribute to the exciting growth of our school in an important position of service. To know more details, pick up an information sheet at the school next to the white board. Thank you! SRM Board of Directors


The community events committee will be meeting at 10:30 am on Saturday, February 8th at Brio in Arcata. Community events can be fun AND meaningful. If you have any ideas for future events or are just curious about what we’re planning, please join us. We’d love to have you. Thanks!


The Garden Committee is meeting on Wednesday, February 12th right after drop-off at the McIntosh Country Store just down the road. All are invited to attend whether interested to join the committee or plug into this semester’s garden projects.


Valentine’s Day at SRM will be celebrated on Thursday, February 13th. Children who wish to can exchange Valentines. If they choose to give Valentines, they need to make sure they have one for each member of the school. Please avoid sugary or unhealthy treats. As of the 13th there will be 40 students in the school.


The Fundraising Committee will be having a meeting Thursday, February 13th, 2:00 at the McIntosh Country Store. All are invited to attend and share your ideas for future fundraising events. Minutes from the February 3rd meeting are attached.


The SRM Board of Directors is meeting on Thursday, February 13th at the school. All are invited and encouraged to attend. An agenda for the meeting is attached to this newsletter.


SRM Sweatshirts Still Available

There are still some SRM sweatshirts for sale! Just inside the front door of the classroom there is a coat closet with some sweatshirts hanging on the door. There is also a Manila envelope with available sizes, prices and instructions for purchasing. Grab you one before they’re gone!

Communicate With Your Board

The SRM Board would like to invite (and encourage!) all members of our school community to feel free to contact us any time with questions, concerns or suggestions you may have. Parents and other community members are always welcome at our monthly meetings (2nd Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm). We have a forum time set aside specifically for your input.

If you can’t make a meeting, but would like to have your voice heard, please contact a board member. Any one of us will be happy to bring your comments to the meeting and return a timely response to you. We welcome phone calls, individual emails and being nabbed in the parking lot. You may also use our SRM Board email address:

Our board believes the more communication we receive from the rest of the community, the better we will be able to serve. To read the mission of the SRM Board, see a list of current members, or peruse minutes of past meetings, check out the Board of Directors page on the school website:

Spanish Music In the Classroom CD’s For Sale

We are excited to welcome Lisa Monet to the classroom! Lisa is a renowned children’s music artist and has been coming in to sing Spanish songs with the children on Tuesdays.

Lisa left us with some of her CD’s and they are for sale from $12-$15/each. You will find the CD’s atop the the student lockers. She is donating half of the proceeds to our school! If you would like to purchase one, cash or a check are accepted. Make the check out to our school.

You can learn more about Lisa and her music at

Shiloh Sophia DVD Available to Borrow

Shiloh Sophia’s “Queen of Her Own Heart Video Painting Class” is available on loan in the office. Shiloh is the amazing artist who conducted the art intensive with our upper elementary girls. The DVD is geared for adults not children.

Education Quote of the week:

“This is school!” – Me, responding to a water district employee when he asked why our kids were out at the river checking out the pump station instead of being in school.