Newsletter 12/12/13

Dear Six Rivers Montessori Families,

It’s been great to emerge from the frozen tundra Arcata became this past week and into a classroom heated with burning questions. We’ve seen mathetmatical breakthroughs, scientific explorations, biographical research, cartographic wonders (just look at all the beautiful maps-in-progress on top of the counter), an opening of the door to understanding citizenship and democratic government, and more.

We also took a moment this week to honor one of the great peace makers in human history. Nelson Mandela’s story was shared with the students and was followed up with a fire council where the children shared their own hero qualities.

Mandela’s story is now historical proof that human beings have the potential to engage in real peace-making. We all hold this potential. May we all do the work to best realize it.



At last year’s potluck (tuition) meeting a number of individuals mentioned making a one-time donation at some point during the school year. Now is a great time of year to do that! We are a non-profit organization and your donations can be tax deductible. Expenditures this fall for classroom resources (where we value quality and never skimp on our children) were a lot higher than budgeted. Your extra contribution will go directly to offset the costs of the new furniture, the new pin map box/supplies and more. Checks can be written out to the school, just as with tuition, and brought to me or mailed in. Thank you for your ongoing financial support to make our school and all that it is possible.


Thank you to everyone who has handed in their basket items and pre-sale orders. We have many baskets left to sell this week. The baskets are $20-25 and you can pay check or cash. Your help will make this fundraiser a success.

We are assembling the baskets on Tuesday and distributing/selling them on Wednesday and Thursday at drop off and pick-up.

This is the final weekend to work on your basket contribution. All items can be checked in and deposited in the bin located in the entryway of our school.

It is such a wonderful feeling to give and receive one of our holiday baskets. Knowing that all of your hands and spirits are part of the giving.


Please note that donations for our holiday giving campaign need to come in next week! The following announcement came out in Monday’s newsletter…

In lieu of exchanging gifts with one another, the students at Six Rivers Montessori once again have decided to collect gifts for local non-profit organizations that rely on community support. This year’s organizations include the Humboldt Wildlife Care Center, Sequoia Humane Society, Food For People and CASA. Students are asking parents for help in gathering gifts for these organizations. There are bins here at school for each organization where you can drop off your donation. There are student point people for each organization. Here are their calls for donations:

*The Sequoia Humane Society is a community leader in promoting the humane treatment of all animals. They strive to end pet overpopulation by providing a high standard of care and through programs such as pet adoption, spay & neuter and community education.

They need: cat litter (non-clumping), bleach, canned cat food (loaf – not sliced), catnip, feather wands, cat balls & toys, pig ears, dog biscuits, hard dog toys, office supplies (copy paper, postage stamps), commercial dryer, mellow music cds, empty tp & paper towel rolls, shredded paper (for puppy pens.. not cross-cut)

*Food For People is working to eliminate hunger and improve the health and well-being of our community through access to healthy and nutritious foods, community education and advocacy.

They need: canned foods, pasta, rice, cereal, nuts, canned fruit, dairy, meat (turkey and chicken).

*Humboldt Wildlife Care Center helps save and treat injured wildlife and educate the community.

This is their wish list:

Animal care items:
Baby Blankets

Medical supplies:
Digital thermometer-silent
Isopropyl Alcohol
Cotton Balls
Nitrile Gloves {powder free }
Cotton-tipped Applicators
Gauze Sponges
Stethoscopes- high quality

Miscellaneous Items:
Laundry Detergent { non-scented} eco-friendly
Spray Bottles
Duck Tape

*CASA is an organization that helps children in need.

At this point we can collect donations of children’s clothing or toys. We may have more information about specific items that a child or family may need.


Puzzle Exchange

Interested in a Puzzle exchange? Whether your family has outgrown a puzzle or has tired of it due to repetition someone else might be tickled to get it out of the box again. Winter is a cozy time to work indoors… Please call or contact Autumn during this next week if you would be interested. Maybe we can host a day or two after school to allow for drop off and/or pick up of puzzles.

Six Rivers Hoodies

The new Six Rivers Montessori sweatshirts are coming soon. These are cozy zip up hoodies and make great holiday gifts. Supplies are limited so order yours now!

The sweatshirts will be available for pick up the last week of school before winter break.

Field Trip Payment – 2013/14

We are asking $20 for each child to pay for the HSU shows we will see this year and help offset the general costs of field trips. This money will cover two shows at HSU ($13) and the remainder ($7) will go into the general field trip fund to help reimburse drivers for gas and cover other costs that arise on our trips.

Please note that certain trips organized throughout the year may have their own costs associated with them that families will be asked to help cover.

Please submit your payment into the little field trip money box located in the entranceway. If you pay with cash, please put your name with it somehow.

Upper Elementary Portfolios

When the Upper Elementary students return from the November holiday break, they will begin the BIG work of compiling their mid-year portfolios. One component will involve self-evaluation. Another aspect will be the co-evaluation of completed work, in conjunction with Rebecca. Finally, Rebecca will add her reflections on each student’s development as it relates to the Montessori Method. These portfolios will be going home with the students before the December holiday break.

Education Quote of the week:

“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.” -Nelson Mandela