Fundraising Agenda 11/10/17

Six Rivers Montessori Fundraising Committee
Friday, November 10, 2017
Eureka Library, Children’s Room


I.               Introductions

II.              Child care evening fundraiser

a.     Venue

b.     Planned activities

c.     Snack

d.     Volunteers

e.     Price? Might have to defer until venue is secured

f.      Results of e-vote: how to allocate funds

III.            T-shirts

IV.            Teacher request: Movie day for the upper el

V.              Holiday coffee

VI.            Other holiday fundraisers

a.     Michele has asked us to help bake things for Redwood Acres holiday fair in December. She will write up a summary and specific request after they have their meeting.

VII.           Next meeting

a.     Need to schedule it soon

b.     Do we need a new day/time?

c.     Should we meet somewhere else?


Calendar of currently scheduled fundraisers

a.     September 30: Rummage sale

b.     November 13: Folie Douce dinner

c.     December 8: Child care evening

d.     February 1: Raffle tickets due ($500)

e.     March 10: Barn dance