Fantastic, Fun, Fieldtrips*

Sumeg Village Field Trip
New Lower El Students Went to Patrick’s Point and the Upper Elementary Went to the Sequoia Zoo.

Expanding learning beyond the classroom is an important part of a students’ education. This week the younger children toured the Sumeg Village, a reconstructed Yurok village. Sumeg Village was built by the Yurok using modern tools but with traditional materials and is used by the local Yuroks for education, ceremonies, and to share their culture with the public. After the tour the children made traditional necklaces with dentalia shells.

The Upper El Students spent part of their time at the Zoo on a tour learning about the mammals housed there. Part of their zoology curriculum is to explore many habitats, including those with animals living in captivity, and compare and contrast those environments.

The experiences of both trips will be drawn from throughout the year and beyond as the children develop their sense of place in their community and their responsibility to their surroundings.

*Ask your Upper El Student the name of the literary device used in the title.