Six Rivers Montessori Kids’ Dance Party


Students and their friends enjoy age-appropriate music, dancing, and games.

From 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm

At Redwood Raks

824 L St. Arcata, CA 95521


Fundraising Committee / Sunny Loya

Now that the holidays are over, maybe the adults are ready for a break...but the kids still want to party. The Fundraising Committee is offering childcare for students and their friends ages 5-12.

Age-appropriate music will accompany a variety of activities, with options like dancing, karaoke, and games.

There will be a low-sugar snack break in the middle of the event while drinks will be available all night. Please let us know in advance about any food sensitivities. 

This is a great opportunity for families to support our school while offering a fun time for the children.

Due to the limitations of the Event Manager software we are using, you will need to register separately for each child who will be attending. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we try this out!

There are 30 people coming.

Look who's coming: Natalia Collier, Colleen Shanahan, Nicole Burns, Julie Lerwill (Max F.), Marjo Ribeiro (Luna Madrone), Cooper Haloff, Michelle Ellis , Marley Sanchez, Piper Loya, Theo Loya, Alicia Brown, Ian Hulse, Sarah Magnuson, Kim Farahmand , Kim Farahmand , Nyrie Broderick, Jeanette Cooper, Lachlan Watts-Tobin, Zoe Watts-Tobin, Saule Bright, Jayden Kaufman, Isaiah Harwood , Destiny Harwood, Reed Berman, Amelie Christensen, Tracy Rain, lila hatton, Zade Hatton, Zade Hatton, Nicole

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