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What are you bringing?

Sunflower picture
On the first day of school the sidewalks approaching the front door of Six Rivers Montessori will be inscribed with the values that make our school great.

Respect. Hope. Kindness. Discipline. Imagination. Cooperation. Joy.

Each and every one of us, parents, students, teachers, and Board members, are tasked with building the culture of our school by what we bring through the front door. Together we are creating a school culture of tremendous possibility and potential.

What are you bringing?

Ocean Day… Fun and a Great Cause

Ocean Day
This week our third-sixth years participated in Ocean Day. They spent the morning pulling invasive beach grass and picking up garbage at the Mike Thompson Wildlife Area on the South Spit. Then they sat for the super cool aerial design above. Our students are in the crab’s top right leg, just below the big claw… in case you want to try to find them.

Integrated Curriculum

Building aqueducts
The study of human needs and ancient civilizations leads students to lessons in geometry, history, literature, art, and in this case, architecture and engineering. The arches were used for aqueducts and beautiful building structures, but how did the Romans do it? The best way to know is try to build one yourself. If it falls, try again, and again. It’s not as easy as it looks, but at least there is no heavy lifting!