Welcome to Six Rivers Montessori

Important Dates

June 12th, 2:00-5:00 End of Year Picnic!

June 15th Last Day of School

For a full schedule of instructional days and other important dates, please see our School Calendar page.

Our Vision

hands photo

Our broadest vision is of a world that lives in peace, and a world community based on interdependence and respect for all life and all people. Our vision for our school is a Montessori school community of supportive parents, dedicated teachers and staff, and joyful learners.

Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture students’ character, compassion, respect and curiosity; to cultivate their means to learn, to invent, and participate fully and joyfully in life independently and collaboratively; to sustain a quality Montessori holistic classroom environment within a farm-based learning community; to encourage a deep sense of interdependence and responsibility as caring, global citizens and stewards of the earth.

Barn Dance Thank You!

Barn Dance
Six Rivers Montessori would like thank the community for coming out to dance and have a great time, making our third annual Barndance such a huge success. We’d like to express gratitude to our sponsors, Redwood Curtain Brewery and Humboldt Cider Company for their generous donations of delicious beverages to quench the thirst of hard working dancers. The event couldn’t have happened without the fabulous Striped Pig String Band, A/V specialist Tofu, and caller Lindsey Battle who together created an amazing night. Everybody stayed powered up thanks to the array of baked goods donated by participants and the dedicated volunteers who did everything from selling raffle tickets to mopping the floor. The funds raised are essential for maintaining the excellent education and learning environment of Six Rivers Montessori. We look forward to another successful event next year.

Natalia Collier
Six Rivers Montessori Fundraising Committee

Annual Barn Dance Fundraiser!

Invite your friends & family!

Barn Dance Flier


Headwaters photo
On Wednesday, January 20th the Upper Elementary went to Headwaters Forest Reserve. This was part of their outdoor education on learning about watersheds and local salmon behavior. All the students learned the life cycle of the salmon and got to observe Coho Salmon in the South Fork Elk River. The fourth years also got the opportunity to learn about the old mill town of Falk and meet some ghosts of the past. The fifth and sixth year students learned about water quality and tested the pH, temperature, and turbidity of the river water. The students were going to test the dissolved oxygen level, but the guides forgot some components of the testing material. They will get an opportunity to test water again on future trips as they learn about salmon.

by Cole

Integrated Curriculum

Building aqueducts
The study of human needs and ancient civilizations leads students to lessons in geometry, history, literature, art, and in this case, architecture and engineering. The arches were used for aqueducts and beautiful building structures, but how did the Romans do it? The best way to know is try to build one yourself. If it falls, try again, and again. It’s not as easy as it looks, but at least there is no heavy lifting!

Passive Fundraising at SRM

Passive Fundraising is an easy way to support our school while making your regular purchases. There are several programs available to earn money while you shop. You can invite your friends and family to sign up, too!

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    A Fundraising member will be available on 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month after school to collect money for your gift card order.
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  • eScrip: (invite family and friends)
    Go to http://www.escrip.com/ to sign up and add SRM as your organization. Wildberries Marketplace is currently the only local merchant. If you make regular online purchases be sure to visit the eScrip Online Mall. You will need to register a credit/debit card.
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  • AmazonSmile: (invite family and friends)
    If you already have an account just use “AmazonSmile” as your affiliate link and choose SRM as your charitable organization. Everything on your account stays the same. Please see link https://smile.amazon.com/ for more information on how to register.
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    SRM logo products; shirts, mugs, hats, totes http://www.zazzle.com/six+rivers+montessori+gifts Products shown on white to show off logo but you can customize the color of most products.

Garden Harvest

Garden Harvest
This week students reaped the rewards of their hard work of the spring. The Upper El students harvested beans while the Lower El harvested vegetables to make a salad, and veggie platters with pesto to share with the whole school.

Welcome Back!

SRM Garden
The school is Looking so lovely. The garden is blooming, the lawn is mowed, the windows are freshly washed, and the classrooms are getting organized. Thanks to all of our fantastic parent volunteers for all the help over the summer in keeping the school looking beautiful. We’re ready for another great school year!


Bird-A-Thon group photo
On Friday the Upper El went on a bird-watching field trip all over Humboldt Bay. They saw 77 species of birds! The bird-a-thon money they raised from this mini “Big Day” will be used for the Upper El classroom. Thanks to the Brown-Collier family for organizing this awesome outing! And thanks to all of you who sponsored a student!

See A List Of All 77 Birds

May Pole Dance

May Pole photo
Seasons Go ‘Round the Sun,
Seasons Go ‘Round the Moon,
Seasons Go ‘Round Planet Earth,
Spring is Now in Bloom.

Each year Six Rivers students participate in May Day celebrations, including the May Pole Dance.

Music Performance by Upper El Students

photo of Upper El music performance

Costumes, Music, Song, and Dance

The Upper El Students gave a performance on Thursday for the Lower El, giving them a chance to play the pieces they had composed for Chinese New Year. It was only a few minutes long, but the students beautifully showcased the time and energy they had put in this winter playing recorders, drums, and xylophones, plus singing and dancing. At the end they gifted the Lower El students with the seed packets they had made last week. Those seeds will come in handy in a couple of weeks when gardening starts!

Thousand Chain

photo of a thousand chain
The Thousand Chain is really big work, so satisfying to finish, a practice in skip-counting, and a preparation for multiplication!

Tracking the Sun and Moon

Photo of students tracking their shadows.

Upper El Students Start the New Year With Astronomy

Wondering about all those chalk marks in the parking lot? Well, students took advantage of the bright winter sunshine to spend a few minutes each hour measuring their shadows. Then, back in the classroom, they graphed those measurements. In addition to this they are keeping a moon journal for the next month. I know we all have our fingers crossed that the rain will return, but meanwhile these clear skies make observing the sun and moon possible…and fun!

Each of Us is One Small Light

Children lighting candles
Shalom Chaverim (essentially…peace friends, until we meet again)

This week was full of music sung by the sweet voices of the students at Six Rivers: Christmas carols, “Shalom Chaverim” an Israeli folk song, and, of course, “Down with Darkness” in honor of the upcoming solstice. Whichever holiday your family embraces this season may you all have a happy one, go in peace until we meet again, and remember that we are each one small light.

Giving Thanks and Sharing a Meal

Thanksgiving Circle photo

Made possible…

By the children who grew the beans, and brought in the veggies for Stone Soup; By the parents who prepped food the night before; By the volunteers who helped the children cook; And, of course, by the teachers who provided the space and time for this beautiful tradition. We have much to be thankful for this holiday.

Art and Music

In Abundance This Week… and Every Week

Photo of poppy art
Art and music are an integral part of a well-rounded education. In addition to the daily art and music provided for the students, once a week the children have an art lesson, participate in handcraft, and make music together with xylophones and recorders.

Six Rivers Montessori is a California Public Benefit Non-Profit school, incorporated in 2012. We do not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, creed, or national origin, including but not exclusive of non-discriminatory admissions of students and members, and equal use of all facilities.